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I know this may sound strange, but I tell people one of the best things that happened to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer is that I met Stacy Theodossin, The Healing Goddess! That was 15 years ago.

My monthly ayurvedic sessions are a crucial part of my continued recovery & maintaining a routine healthy life style. This also includes regularly attending and practicing Stacy’s rejuvenating “Gentle Yoga” chair exercise classes. I’ve had the pleasure to take her wonderful classes Reiki I & Reiki II training sessions. I have learned how to incorporate essential oils, for healing, and I’ve even had some Ayurvedic life coaching to round things off.

Treat yourself to a relaxing, healing, and body stimulating session by the queen of Ayurvedic massage & purification…Stacy Theodossin, The Healing Goddess!

DJ Tucker, Brownstown, Michigan


Over the years my journey to wellness has been a progression of trial and error.  As I explored and embraced alternative, naturopathic and finally integrative forms of medicine it became clear how important it is to truly know and understand your body on many different levels and systems. When I finally came to Ayurvedic Medicine I knew I had come home and with the help of Stacy Theodossin of Healing Goddess, the journey to continue my health and wellness has come full circle. Through her insightful and intuitive guidance, clear understanding and experience with the scope of Ayurvedic Medicine ,  I have never had such a sense of contentment and respect for my own wellness. I have been working with Stacy for over two and a half years now and from the first conversation with her I knew she was just the right person to help me on this journey. The initial evaluation was thorough and extensive, her instructions in the design of my specific program was clear and all recommendations  provided in written form for easy follow up after I returned home. She always made herself available for any follow-up questions and/or concerns I had and responded in a positive and timely manner. As I continue utilizing Ayurvedic Medicine under her care, I know I will continue to thrive.

SK Osborn, Ludington, MI

P.S.  I just finished my first "official" Ayurvedic Detox with Stacy's guidance this past month and my light is burning even brighter!



Stacy has been a life-long friend. (We met in 10th grade). I am continually blessed by her presence, even though we live thousands of miles apart.

Stacy has a deep understanding and knowledge of Ayurveda and an even deeper intuition when it comes to healing. Her depth and wisdom, sensitivity, and compassion are astounding. She has the unique ability to see both the big picture and the minute details. In any interaction she responds with integrity.

I was lucky to have my first ayurvedic session with Stacy, many years ago, when she was new to the field. At the time, I knew very little about Ayurveda. Being the survivor of childhood sexual trauma, I had, with Stacy, the experience of feeling safe, honored, respected and protected while in her care. From Stacy, I have received, hands-on Ayurvedic bodywork that was TRANSFORMATIVE. I remember feeling so vulnerable and exposed and so witnessed and held in love at the same time. Her touch is soothing, and she knows how to take one to where they need to go. She uses essential oils that she blends herself. She chose specific ones for my bodywork -- using her psychic abilities and healer's intuition to provide for me that which I needed. I enjoyed the body oil so much, I have bought some blends from her-again & again, blended by Stacy just for me. I have also consulted her for Dosha information and her insights were right on. This work helped shift things internally for me and the impact was profound for my emotional healing. Truly, just to be in her presence is healing, but to have her presence as well as her custom-made, high-quality essential oil blends, a safe and healing and beautiful space with stirring music in addition made for a blessed experience.

Stacy also helped me though life transition and a yogi-detox last year. Her presence was essential. As a recovering bulimic, this detox triggered me in ways I had not anticipated. When I reached out to Stacy, she helped me to learn of ways to participate in the detox that allowed me to learn to care for myself in ways I had not yet learned, mostly by being loving and compassionate to myself and really embracing self-care. Again, I found myself in a scary place, feeling anxious and alone, but with Stacy's support, the triggers were released, and I continued on, eventually shining brighter than ever!

Don’t delay. Begin your own HEALING JOURNEY with the HEALING GODDESS today!

Sara Lyons, Ukiah, California


My best friend had been telling me, for over a year, about the great ayurvedic body work he had received over the years from Stacy. He explained the best he could. In my mind I heard massage. My understanding of what it meant was transformed after my first session. I have ADD, a lot of back problems from a car accident, and was going through a lot of upheaval in life, so I was constantly fidgety and unable to relax. Truth be told, I was more than skeptical, Internally I did not want to go through with it. But, I am glad I did because without realizing it, my mind quickly became quiet. I was not asleep but I was not awake either. It was a place way better than sleep. It took me a while to resurface into the present. When I did, not only was my mind completely still but so was that sense of angst that was always with me. I had to get up slowly because my body, for the first time in years, was free of pain. In a great way my body felt like jello and I was kind of “Giddy”. Everything about me was both relaxed and refreshed. I had the most awesome sleep that night (a truly rare occurrence for me). It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had and I highly recommend it to anyone. I still don’t know how she does what she does. What I do know is the effect is like nothing you have ever experienced.

Work with Stacy Theodossin, The Healing Goddess!


Christopher Brooks, Jacksonville, Florida



After I met Stacy, The Healing Goddess, my life most definitely changed for the better!  (I even married her – but that’s another story).  Stacy really LIVES the Ayurvedic principles that she so skillfully teaches others.  In the few years that we’ve known each other, I have NEVER been on a diet -- yet I have reduced my weight by over 65 pounds -- my high school jeans are actually too big -- all that from JUST eating right for my DOSHA and cutting out the processed foods and sodas!!  NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP here!!! I am no longer on blood pressure medication and my blood sugar has returned to the normal range.   I am so flexible that I can touch my toes for the first time since I was a kid!  And those are just a few of the PHYSICAL changes that are noticeable.  The BIGGEST changes have been internal.  I meditate. I breathe.  I detox. I have more calmness and peace in my life.  I manifest now too!  Maybe you feel like things are just a little off, or maybe like me, your life could use a complete overhaul?  Or maybe you want to learn to take better care of yourself and reduce or reverse aging?  All l know is that if your life or health needs HEALING, then Stacy Theodossin, The Healing Goddess, will INSPIRE huge TRANSFORMATION in your life too!

Mike Hook, Dearborn, Michigan

(Mr. Healing Goddess)


Living in harmony with mother nature. Her rhythms. Her gifts. Her energy. The primordial energy. We become reacquainted with the natural world. We honor and care for ourselves in each of the different seasons — in nature as well as in life.
— The Healing Goddess